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Zallie’s Honors Associates’ Fight For Hunger!


Zallie’s Honors Associates in Partners in Caring Annual Cheerios Unveiling

It was a productive year for local Zallie’s stores as they prepared for their annual Partners in Caring Cheerios Box Unveiling.

Each year, the contest is held in all ShopRite stores across the Northeast region. The contest commences in September, Hunger Action Month, and officially concludes the beginning of March. The annual Cheerios Contest is a group effort amongst ShopRite staff, customers, and of course Partners in Caring’s vendor partner, General Mills.

All seven Zallie’s store locations directly compete amongst one another in a friendly competition to raise the most donations with a common goal in mind: raise as much money as they can in an effort to fight hunger in their local communities. This is accomplished through a series of different activities held throughout the year such as food sales and encouraging customers to “round up” their shopping totals at the checkout. This community-wide effort wouldn’t be possible without a devoted customer base!

By the end of the year, 40 ShopRite stores are chosen winners for achieving the most donations. These stores then choose their top performing associates and nominate them as the newest faces on the ShopRite-exclusive Cheerios Boxes. The Cheerios box theme this year was “The Power of One: One Team, One Passion, One Purpose”. This perfectly represents what Partners in Caring stands for, which is working together to achieve one outcome, fighting hunger!

This year, six of the seven operating Zallie’s stores were chosen as top performers: West Deptford, Glassboro, Chews Landing, Sicklerville, Williamstown, and West Berlin.

Out of the 40 winning stores, West Deptford came in 2nd place with $53,325.55. Glassboro came in 3rd place with $46,769.06, West Berlin came in 5th place with $26,706.78, Chews Landing came in 8th place with $21,999.13, Williamstown came in 11th place with $21,109.82, and Sicklerville came in 50th place with $9,201.56.

Each winning store was honored with a live ceremony held right inside the store. Customers were invited to join the celebration, enjoy freshly made cake and refreshments, and educate themselves further on the current hunger issue.

The ceremony began when newest Cheerios box was unveiled displaying the chosen associates on the box.  West Deptford honored associates Genie Stettler, Jamie Stewart, and Maria Grillo. Glassboro honored associates Russell Brady and Marybeth Ebbinger. West Berlin honored associates Courtney Pantella and Tracey Patton. Sicklerville honored associates Brian McCann and Lynn Laverty. Williamstown honored associates Marychela Daniels and Elizabeth Cullen. West Berlin honored associate Patricia Geisenheimer.

Lisa Sherwin, local advocate for South Jersey Food Bank spoke on behalf of the current issue of hunger and the appreciated effort of Partners in Caring program. Before concluding the ceremony, the store directors from each store gifted their chosen local charities with a portion of the fund they raised.

The Annual ShopRite Partners in Caring Cheerios Unveiling was a success in each of the six Zallie’s stores and we appreciate continued efforts of our hard working store associates and devoted customers.

We hope to see you next September for the start of our next fight against hunger!